I was born in Bethel, CT and have lived there my entire life. My fascination with weather began at a rather early age. I remember watching TV and flipping past the Weather Channel and wondering what all the radar maps were. I, like many other meteorologists, have a love for extreme weather. I have always enjoyed Nor'easters. Watching them develop and trying to forecast how much snow will fall and where it will fall is an interesting challenge.


My fondest memory is of the Superstorm of 1992, where we received more than 20 inches of snow. We missed school for a few days because of that storm. Another early weather memory is of Hurricane Bob. Even though we did not receive the worst of the storm, it seemed like it was pretty bad for most of the day it made landfall. I graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a Bachelor's degree in the spring of 2005. I have played guitar for 11 years and love baseball and football. Working at the Connecticut Weather Center has been a desire for me for many years and I am excited for the experience I will get working here.